Raider Future Stars Project

QB Russell Wilson in the PocketCreative Commons License Neal via Compfight

This week my partner, Zion, and I have accomplished a few things. We have talked to our mentor about our teachings. We have made the camp 2 days now. Also, we have updated the flyers. Finally, we got our speech finished and we are ready to get the video started. This is a good set of accomplishments.

I am feeling uneasy about this project. I have been very busy between sports and school, and I have been having to limit myself. I am also feeling excited about this project. I am very eager to meet the kids and get the project up and running. I am hoping we can get it started soon.

Our plans for this week are pretty simple. We need to start and finish our video by next friday. We need to talk to the Board of Education and get our flyer approved. We also need to send the flyers out. We need to talk to both Mann and New Haven Elementary to see if we can pass the flyers out. Finally, we need to talk to the athletic director for Ryle and see if it is okay to use the football feild.

Right now, we are having a few issues. We are having trouble to find the time to make our video. Also, we have to find out what we are doing. Right now is a troubled time, but we also have till the end of March.